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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Texture Tuesday}The Orange eDition

This week's Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen assignment or challenge was "orange."  She has a beautiful texture called "pumpkin grunge" which I fell in love with.  This is strange, because orange is usually my least used and most disliked color in the rainbow! 

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I'd already entered this photo my sister Kathy Creamer took of a covered bridge near where she lives in northen Indiana, so couldn't use it. 

Here's another photo she took, to which I added the pumpkin grunge texture.  It brought out all the beauiful fall colors around the pond.

Kathy's more mobile than I am.  She loves to get out and take pictures of the landscapes around her.  I would, too, but I don't drive anymore...only in emergencies.

This past weekend, my DH took me to Hobby Lobby!!!  Haven't been there in awhile, so bought for several projects I have in mind.  He just about fainted at the check out! LOL! Sorry, Hon!

 I want to make a fabric cake that I found at Connecting Threads online and in their catalog.  The pattern was free, so that was GOOD after HL!  I'm going to make it for our granddaughter Kaylee - think she'll like it a lot. 

In my opinion, Connecting Threads has great products.  I've gotten several of their thread sets, for both my sister and myself.  Would love to get the new fabric they've introduced - Spice Blossoms.  This is so odd for me, because it's got a lot of orange in the collection!  Maybe it's because the orange is more muted, not so much "in your face" orange.  I do love Autumn, though.

Back to Hobby Lobby, I got a couple packs of fat-quarters in a range of oranges and yellows.  I thought I might as well use these in my photo for this week's TT challenge.  I grabbed my little jester from Las Vegas, and a stem of berries and flowers from one of my fall arrangements, & the fabric from HL.  This is what I came up with. Hope you like it - I love my litte jester!

I adjusted the photo a bit, and added Kim's textures as follows:

                       pumpkin grunge - soft light @75%
                       granny's cupboard - multiply @ 100%
                       cracker jack - color @31%

Not much difference, just enough to tone down the brightness.

Take care and God Bless!

**disclaimer: Neither Hobby Lobby, nor Connecting Threads know I exist! All opinions are my own.


Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Those reflections in the 2nd photograph are so crisp and clear - what a beautiful scene.

sallyt said...

Love it. The fabrics are great and I love that little jester, too. Nice work.

sallyt said...

I meant to say thanks for your wonderful comment on my TT entry. The CrackerJack Skies was my fav, too. I think I'm really going to like that CrackerJack texture. Have a blessed day.

Pat said...

Nice orange fabrics - I don't have enough orange in my stash!

Joy Burkhart said...

Thanks for stopping by you guys! My sis really does have a good eye in taking photos! I'll have to dig out my photo albums of one I took the OLD way.

Anonymous said...

great photos and I love what you did with the textures, just a glimpse was enough to highlight your work. so much creativity dear Joy :) I'm happy your health issues don't stop you. being creative can be very healing, don't you think? and I love the way you write, is like reading a nice letter from a good friend. God bless you too. xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh! orange is one of my favorite colors ;) I'm wearing an orange t-shirt today! it's a very happy color :)

Joy Burkhart said...

Thanks so much Ana! I really appreciate your encouragement. Red's my favorite - also a happy color for me.

yvette said...

I love the change that the orange grunge texture has done to the trees surrounding the pond. A beautiful 'fall' colour scheme and emotion!


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