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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hi there - is it hot enough for you?  We've had 21+ days of over 90 degree temperatures here!  The heat index had gotten to 120 at one point.  Don't know how hubby does it!  I remember my parents talking about the high temps in Arizona when we lived there in the late '50s.  They said it was 120 in the shade...and there was no shade!  But, then I guess that's what you call "dry heat" out there??? 
Can't wait for Autumn!  Cooler days and evenings, the windows open to air out the house and good snuggling nights, sweaters and sweatshirts, college football, I could go on and on!


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I'd taken a few photos of a sunflower that was deposited by a very thoughtful bird several years ago.  It grows every summer out near the street, next to the light pole.  The first year, we all thought it was a weed, so it didn't make it to maturity.  The following year, for some reason, it did bloom, but some bratty kids destroyed it.  The poor thing was persistant and bloomed last year, in spite of those kids.  It has gotten pretty tall this year, and has multiplied many times over!  It's so pretty and just proclaims "summer is here," for awhile!

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For Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday, I used this photo of one of those beautiful blooms.  I used Kim's scripted edges texture, multiply at 53.  I also adjusted the brightness/darkness of the photo a bit.  Looks pretty good to me - at least you can see the tiny seeds this way.  Oh, that was the challenge this week "the small things."  Well, those seeds are pretty small, soo I thing it qualifies!


and after.

Here're some of the runners-up.

This one seems a little bit shy!
I'm adding this one to The August Break 2011 with Susannah Conway.  Please check out both blogs - each is great!

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See ya next time.  Take care and God Bless!



Cedar said...

Beautiful sunflowers! Love the scripted edges on the textured one!

kimB said...

Great take and sweet image :) Loved the "back-story" of the sunflower, too. Hope things cool down for you soon -- being in Alaska, the "perfect" temp for me is in the 60-65 range. Sometimes we get up into the 70s or even the 80s, but rarely and when we do, it only lasts for a day or two.

Pat said...

Your sun flowers are wonderful. I especially like the way you cropped the photos and the textures you chose. (It's hot, hot, hot here too!)

Anonymous said...

I love sunflowers and your editing really enhanced the flower beauty. congrats :) it seems you're having a hard Summer, hope it cools off soon.


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