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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Earth Wonders and Texture Tuesday Photo Challenges

I ran across a few of our old photos of when my hubby and I were dating!  These photos are 18 years old this month.  We were both a lot thinner then and Doug still had his red hair! LOL!

The pictures were taken in Brown County State Park, Brown County, Indiana.  It's just a county away, but there's really no direct route to get there from here.  We have to go up I-65 to Columbus, then take SR-46 toward Bloomington, passing through Nashville. 

Nashville is the county seat of Brown County and  the fall leaves are one of the major draws.  It's a quaint little town with lots of artists and crafters selling their wares, antiques, little specialty shops & neat local restaurants.  Brown County State Park is just west of Nashville and has lots of lookout areas to view the beautiful fall scenery!  We spent our honeymoon here, but that's another story!  G-rated, REALLY! :)

This photo isn't as vibrant as I remember the leaves being, as they are almost every year.  But with a little bit of manipulation and Kim Klassen's textures, it is.  Ana's Earth Wonders Photo Challenge was Autumn, and Kim's Texture Tuesday Challenge was to use at least  one of her textures. 

Scan of the original photo.

This is how I always remember Brown Co., Indiana

I adjusted the brightness/contrast and vibrancy to being with.  
1st texture:  Kim's Pumpkin Grunge - soft light @100% opacity
2nd texture: Kim's 1 2 3 - Multiply @ 75% opacity

Scan of the original photo.

Much prettier!
I did the same here, adjusted the brightness/contrast and vibrancy.
1st texture - Kim's Yesteryear - Multiply @ 40% opacity
2nd texture - Kim's Pumpkin Grunge @ 50% opacity

If you ever get our way, you really should try visiting Brown County State Park and Nashville.  I don't believe you'll regret it!

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Kathleen said...

Wow -- it's amazing the difference the textures make. Great job with your edits! ...and congratulations on 18 years with your hubby!

em said...

Wow..those are really pretty photos! I love the added textures, too! What a lovely place to visit.

Melanie said...

So Soooo gorgeous lady! LOVE beautiful colors, & you rocked the editing Joy! Nashville is surely on my to go to list.

Anonymous said...

double wow! really :) love what you did with your editing, those are the perfect Autumn colors! amazing work. congrats dear Joy and thank you for submiting it to 'Earth Wonders'. we don't have those colors in Portugal. here is always a bit hot so the leaves go from green to dry (no reds or yellows in between). the first time I saw a red tree was when I went to Switzerland for work. before that those colors didn't exist in my imagination, lol. it's so beautiful :) xoxo

Kingdom said...

It's great to see how you use textures in editing photos! I have never used any textures other than those bundled with the photo editor. I'll try using new textures in the future! The transformation of your photos is amazing! :)

Betsy said...

Hello from a fellow Hoosier!

Brown County is one of my favorite places to visit. I'm amazed by what you did with the photos. I wish I knew how to do that--maybe someday! Thanks for commenting on my blog and for following me--I'm your newest follower!

Beyond Wandering said...

Beautiful photos of fall! Love all the colors..

Anonymous said...

you're one of my favourite :) xo

Connie Lenden said...

You have beautiful pictures of the fall - so colorful.
What I especially love is your banner - so unique!
You have a great eye for color.......Connie


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