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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mount Rushmore

One of the places we stopped at on our way back from Seattle was Mount Rushmore!  It is a totally AWESOME sight!!!  It's located just south of Rapid City, South Dakota.  The landscape is absolutely breath-taking!  The weather was very cooperative, too, as we arrived.  Perfect temperature, the sun so beautiful - not too hot, mostly clear blue skies.  It became cloudy when we were getting ready to leave.  Just PERFECT!!!

Of course, the monument itself is fantastic!  You come upon it suddenly - it right there, in your face!

This is how it looked, as we came around the trees and mountains that surround this National Park.  We spent about 3 1/2 to 4 hours there, just taking in the serene beauty of the countryside, visiting the displays, walking as far as possible along the trails.  My husband Doug and sister Kathy were able to go about halfway up the Presidential Trail and took more super photos.

Looks like Thomas Jefferson's nose was crooked!  This wasn't an error on the part of the sculptors, but factual! 

It was amazing to see the equipment used to create these faces and the dangers endured by the workmen.  The last picture was interesting to me - a reflection of Mt Rushmore in the windows of the exhibit.

Along the path toward the four faces of some of our greatest presidents, my husband was surprised to see a mountain goat and her kid grazing on the mountainside!  The presence of tourists didn't upset them in the least! This is one of the pictures he was able to take for me to see.

This is Kathy and me acting like a couple of kids, while taking a rest after a long walk.  We all like the movie "White Christmas" and she and I used to make her girls cringe when we'd sing "Sisters, Sisters."  Here's a good picture of Kathy and Doug together.  I'm so glad these in-laws get along!!!  The picture is a little messed up on the side.  Since I'd dropped my camera last Christmas, I've been having trouble like this.  Guess we'll just have to get a new camera, a really good one this time! LOL!

On each column are four state flags.  Below the flags are engravings with the name of the state, the number the state was when it entered, the Union, and the date of entry into the Union.  There were also flags from US Territories.


We noticed when we arrive, Old Glory was flying at half-staff.  As we were leaving, Doug asked one of the Park Rangers about it and found out it was lowered in honor of a serviceman from South Dakota that had recently sacrificed all, given his life for our FREEDOM!  God bless him and his family for their sacrifice!!!

There are so many more pictures, but I'll let you all take your own.  The cost was only $10 (parking and entry) and the pass is good until the end of the year!  You just HAVE to go and see this indescribable sight, especially if you have children!!!  You won't be sorry!

One thing to remember, female Rangers are not called Rangerettes!  LOL!

Hugs and kisses,


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