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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Earth Wonders - Trees

This week's subject matter at Ana's Earth Wonders Photo Challenge is "Trees." 

The other morning, just after dawn, I went outside to capture the leaves changing to their Autumn dress on our 10 1/2 year old Maple tree. 

We had planted it right after we moved into our new home.  It was just a little bitty shoot, maybe 12-18 inches tall, and the previous owner had tried unsuccessfully to eradicate it.  I dug up the poor little maple-ette from the front flower bed and transplanted it lovingly into the backyard.  Like all of God's living things, it just needed a little love, a little tender loving care!  That little shoot is now taller than our house!  It gives us shade from the southern sun in the summer, helping to keep the back bedroom cooler.  That must have been the reason for it to pop its little head up every year, refusing to die.

The morning sun was so very bright that morning!  You can see the top of the tree is so washed out from the light. 

I adjusted the contrast/brightness/vibrancy and used two of Kim Klassen's wonderful textures for the final result. The first texture is one of my favorites: Pumpkin Grunge. I used blend mode Soft Light @ 100% opacity.  The second texture is Autumn Burst, blend mode Multiply @ 50%.  I wish I had thought to remove the trash can before I took the picture, but to be honest, I really didn't see it! Only when I started playing around with the photo did it become visible to me! ;)  Guess I must have been sleepy?

Take care and God Bless!




Melanie said...

Joy, I am in LOVE w/ your collage! What a beautiful tree, & you captured it perfectly!

Bunny Jean said...

What a special tree... giving you back the love that you gave it many years ago.

I hate when people plant trees in the wrong spot... because that usually means that sooner or later it will be cut down.

Trees serve such a good purpose for us and all the little critters that depend on them for their home.

Maybe I can find some of my tree pictures and come play along ;)

xoxo Bunny Jean
Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

ps I like your local weather widget :)

Joy Burkhart said...

Thank you both! You are both sweeties!

Meyser said...

I really like the way you edited that last picture. It makes the tree stand out, and it looks like magic. A bit of a fairy-tale tree!

Anonymous said...

yay! so beautiful :) and the collage is delightful. while I was reading you I felt this tree as part of your family and I think it's lovely the way you write about it. trees are so special :) thank you for publishing the hop in your blog. I'll change the number of entries per row so it will fit your post size. what a lovely surprise :) thank you dear Joy. xoxo

Christian said...

Lovely photos! LOVE your mosiac!

mountain mama said...

lovely shots!! :)


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