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Saturday, May 28, 2011

(Texture Tuesday) Revived desire to create in PSP or Photoshop

Hi Friends!

I found, quite by accident, Kim Klassen's website on photography and her beautiful textures!  Each week she has a themed challenge. You take one of your photos and one or more of her wonderful textures and create something beautiful!  This week's theme has to do with the garden, and you have to use at least one layer of her "yesteryear" texture.  I don't have Photoshop, but am seriously thinking about getting the 30 day free download.  My program is Paint Shop Pro X2, or PSP X2, and her directions don't really match.  I've done my best with what I have.  See if you like it and leave a comment!

Here's the original photo:
And here's the after:
I'm not sure I like the text on the photo, but I like the overall effect of the textures!  I used Kim's "yesteryear" - dissolve @ 44% opacity, and "extreme grundge" - natural @ 22% opacity.  My Dad would really like it, no bias at all!  His favorite flower is the tulip, and favorite color is red!  Guess I take after him, at least where the color is concerned.  My favorite flower is the carnation!  So spicy!

What do you guys think?  Leave me a comment, please!

If you want to join in, just click the link!

Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesdays


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