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Friday, March 25, 2011

Indiana Weather-wait 10 minutes & it'll change!

Good morning All! 

Last week was so warm here in Southern Indiana we were able to have the windows open!  It got to 80 degrees one day and was beautiful outside.  I love the fresh air blowing softly through the house, clearing out the stale winter air!  Today is COLD and damp!  And, we're supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow Sunday!  Typical Indiana weather, especially during MARCH MADNESS!  GO BUTLER!

Hubby's favorite teams are Notre Dame and Ohio State.  He was so disappointed ND lost, but still has Ohio State to root for!  Our son-in-law Nate enjoys watching OSU, too.  It would be nice for both guys if THE Ohio State University would win!  (I'd still like to see Butler win, though!)
Our Chinese Magnolia (I've heard it called a Tulip Tree, too) is in full bloom!  We spotted some buds last week and the first blossoms appeared last Saturday, March 19th!  Pretty early this year.  My hubby and I both love this tree, the scent given off by the beautiful pink and white blooms is awesome!

Our Chinese Holly is blooming, too.  It has no scent, but the delicate, pinkish-white flowers are delightful!

Last year our neighbor, Kathy, gave me several starts of her peony bushes.  By the end of summer, the wind had knocked these over, and the drought we experienced most of the season left the new starts in pretty bad shape!  I doubted whether I'd see anything of these beautiful flowers this year.  However, last Saturday I noticed them poking their heads through the ground and almost shouted for joy!  Kathy said she had given me both pink and white starts, so I'm anxious to see if both made it.

Our iris and daffodils are growing.  We still have yet to see a bloom on the daffodils this year, but Kathy's are blooming like crazy!

Beautiful, aren't they! 

The Surprise Lilies have shot up and promise to be plentiful in or around August.  These flowers are really strange!  The greenery appears in the Spring and dies off in early summer.  Then in August, POOF!  Beautiful pink blooms everywhere!  Thus the name, Surprise Lilies.  My MIL grew up knowing these as "naked ladies" (due to the lack of greenery!). 

I'm afraid one of our holly bushes might have been affected by the drought last year.  Can't really explain why this bush, and not the one next to it, has dead leaves all over it.  I'm going to cut it back, hopefully the root is still alive!  Holly is one of my favorite plants!  This one, the "dead" one is about 10 years old and has done great ever since we planted it, until now.  The other one, the survivor, is a year younger, but has been stunted.  I've fertilized it and all the plants get good waterings during the year.  Don't know!

Here's a picture of the Angel my FIL made for us a couple of years ago for Christmas.  She watches over our home and family quietly each day.  Thanks Dad!

Remember the flowers my SIL and her husband sent me for my birthday?  I can't believe it, but they are still looking pretty good!  I hate to throw 'em away!  Maybe I could get some preservative at Hobby Lobby, like an acrylic water?  We'll see.

March 18, 2011

March 25, 2011

These still are in good condition, considering the cats knocked 'em over right after I got them!  Water was all over the coffee table, but hadn't gotten to the floor or the phone rechargers yet.  Our kitties decided they liked the baby's breath and had it all over the living room.  Since then, I've had the arrangement in our kitchen, where I can enjoy it without fear of damage! LOL!

Enjoy your day!


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