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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kaylee's 5th Birthday Party

Our granddaughter, Kaylee, turns 5 years old this week.  Her mom and dad had her party this past Saturday at their home.  Several of Kaylee's friends from church were there and they all had a good time ganging up on older brother Garrett!

Also there were a couple of sets of great-grandparents, several sets of grandparents, an uncle and aunt, and a cousin from Ohio.  This surely was a houseful!!!

Kaylee did pretty good in the present department, as usual.  Neither she nor her brother want for anything with so many grandparents!  She got lots of clothes and a bunch of toys.  I think the great-grandparents sent or brought gift of money or gift cards, quickly confiscated by mom! LOL! 

from Papaw Doug and G-ma Joy

furry flip-flops, bubble bath, barretts, toy jewelry

Sailor dress picked out by Papaw Doug

Fake fur trimmed coat with dress underneath (also by Papaw)
Hot pink bling-y velour sweatsuit (another by Papaw!) Can you tell he loves his granddaughter??? LOL!


More clothes
Princess stuff for the little Princess

"DIY hand puppet" from one of the girls from church

Her birthday cake was "Hannah Montana" in theme, and was good, though rich.  Tiff had a wonderful supper of pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad (all of this was homemade by family members), veggies and dip, chips and dip, lemonade and filtered water.  It was all delicious!

Beautiful Birthday Girl!
  We all seemed to have a good time and stayed about 2-3 hours.  The kids were off playing upstairs, so Kaylee was called down to say "good-bye" to everyone.  We all got big hugs and kisses as we left.  

raspberry road design "Christmas Thyme"

Kaylee's getting to be such a big girl - hard to believe she's five already.  Ten more years and Nate will have to beat the boys off with a bat (not just a stick)!  LOL!
Here ya go, Dad!


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