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Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Big Horn

Getting back to our trip out West...

We stopped on the way back from Seattle at the Little Big Horn - Custer's Last Stand!  We were so amazed that there was a National Cemetery there also.  Any serviceman/woman and their family is eligible for burial here.  It was quite moving, to say the least.

This was so sad!  The soldiers were originally buried where they fell.

The marker with the black shield is where George Armstrong Custer fell. 

Custer's marker surrounded by his men.

There were two other battlefields, lead by Benteen and Reno,  about 5 miles from here that fared a little better than the soldiers under Custer's command.

You can see a lone white marker in the distance.

The remains of these brave soldiers, led by an egotistical, narcissistic fame-seeking commander, were removed to a common grave above this fenced-in area.

Their names, rank, and position are listed on all four sides of this monument.  George Armstrong Custer's remains were removed to and buried at West Point.

Here are a couple of pictures of us below the battlefield.

Doug and Joy
Doug and Kathy
Doug and Joy, again

There was an exhibit that housed items/articles found during archaeology digs on the battlefield.  The following photos were taken by Kathy inside the exhibit building. Besides artifacts found on the battlefield, there are some G A Custer's personal items, such as his uniforms, hairbrushes, shaving items, pocket diary, and a trunk he used while at West Point.

Barbaric weapons used by the Indians.

Facial reconstruction was done on a couple of the skulls found on the battlefield.  One of the soldiers was identified by comparing the reconstructed face with a photograph.  The other soldier is still unknown.

The horses, which were ordered shot by Custer to use as shields against the Indians, were also given their own burial marker.

As I noted earlier, this was a very sad scene.  Certainly an experience we won't forget.

More later, really!

Hugs and Kisses,


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